CAPEX Authorization System

Responsive Design CAPEX System


The CAPEX Authorization System is an electronic web-based system created using Joget Workflow. This system offers embedded on-line approvals and electronic routing, in accordance with the organization’s approval policies. Authorized users of the system are able to create, track and search upon capital expenditure requests. Supporting documentation can also easily be attached in electronic format, accompanied by justification that address the necessity of the expenditure.

Advantages of CAPEX Authorization System

  • Streamline execution process for capital expenditure (CAPEX) approval process across multiple divisions
  • Provide for communication and notification, to ensure a smooth and efficient request and approval process
  • Reduction in expenditure request, review and approval time
  • Improve productivity by eliminating routing errors
  • Enable regulatory compliance and adherence to company policies and procedures
  • Improve accountability and visibility of the approval process

CAPEX Authorization System can be configured to meet the specific requirements of the most organization by adding tasks or modifying the conditions as needed by the particular business process. Email notification can be turned on and off at task level and custom report can be created according to the needs of the department head or business analyst. More complex modifications can also be made to meet specific business requirements, or integrate with external system.

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