Employee Suggestion System

Companies are always looking for individuals that can help solve a problem or help the organization to be more effective and efficient. Employees are the ones performing the various job duties day in and day out, thus, they are likely to have the most insight of a particular job or task and the necessary improvements. A well-designed employee suggestion system can offer several benefits to your organization.

If your company is not collecting employee suggestions, you are missing out. Employee suggestions can lead to many direct and indirect benefits such as

  • Encourage employee innovation
  • Increase profits and profit margins
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Improve employees’ morale
  • Increase employees’ engagement levels

The form and process indicated below can be easily implemented as an initial guideline.  It serves as a starting point for organizations in the successful implementation of the Employee Suggestion System using the Joget Workflow platform. Of course it can be modified to suit the needs of individual organisation.

Employee SuggestionTo learn more about the Employee Suggestion System, contact us for a demo today!