Travel Request

Travel Request is one of the essential workflow for companies where employees often need to travel for business. The lack of a proper travel request workflow poses the following challenges:

  • Email request & approval which is difficult to manage with scale and is not transparent;
  • High ticket cost as a result of last minute travel plan or late approval
  • Inconsistent travel policy and approving process

The Travel Request Apps created with Joget Workflow is designed to automate your travel request approval workflow that provides better controls to the travel approval process. It can also be used as a central site for posting travel guidelines and policies.

Key Features


  • Create a new travel request
  • Submit travel requests to your organizational manager
  • Browse existing travel requests in detail
  • Edit existing travel requests and resubmit
  • Cancel existing travel requests

Manager/ HR/ Finance:

  • Browse all pending travel requests from your staff
  • View details of a travel request
  • Approve travel requests
  • Reject travel requests
  • View the history (approved and rejected) of an employee’s travel requests

Travel Request Workflow

Advantages of Travel Request App

  • Improve operational efficiency through predefined approval patterns
  • Standardize and streamline approval processes
  • Reduce cost associated to delayed approvals
  • Track travel expenses
  • Transparency

Travel Request App can be configured to meet the specific requirements of the most organization by adding tasks or modifying the conditions as needed by the particular business process. Email notification can be turned on and off at task level and custom report can be created according to the needs of the department head or business analyst. More complex modifications can also be made to meet specific business requirements, or integrate with external system.

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