Travel Declaration System


As a precautionary measure of a pandemic outbreak,  schools would normally require the parent/ guardian to submit their travel plan if their child/ward is intending to travel during the school’s vacation.  Our Online Travel Declaration system enables schools to easily track students who are planning to travel to country that are considered as ‘At Risk‘.

Key Features:

  • School admin is able to mark out countries that are unsafe for traveling by classifying them as ‘At Risk’
  • By default, no action is required by the school if a student is planning to travel to country that is classified as ‘Normal’, thus no email notification will be sent to the appointed staff
  • The system will only trigger an email to the appointed staff in the event that a student is planning to travel to any country that is marked as ‘At Risk’
  • This staff can then follow-up with the parent/ guardian

Advantages of Online Travel Declaration System:

  • Contact tracing in the event of a pandemic outbreak
  • Reduce administrative work of checking the student declaration as the system will auto notify the appointed staff if exceptional case is detected

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